Aglaonema Cutlass- Chinese Evergreen


    Living up to its name with long, slender blade-shaped leaves, Aglaonema Cutlass thrives in low to bright light levels. Cutlass’ is a hybrid selection of Chinese evergreen that features long, slender, lanceolate, grey-green foliage with darker green margins and streaks. Mature plants will reach up to 4′ tall with a similar spread. The leaf colour is a pale silver-green with darker green markings. An ideal houseplant for plant stands, bookshelves, or office tables.

    Plant care Instructions

    Watering: Keep soil moist at all times, but do not overwater

    Sunlight: Bright shade

    Placement: Well lit, Bright conditions

    Temperature: 18-24°C

    Soil: Peat based potting soil with perlite

    Additional information

    Weight 0.643 kg
    Dimensions 11 × 25.4 cm

    5 Inch