Aglaonema Red Lipstick


    Aglaonema is a highly decorative indoor plant with colourful foliage, and it helps that it’s a low maintenance and easy care plant. These are evergreen perennial plants and have been recommended by NASA’s air purifying study. It is grown in a living room or office environment. The striking red tone in the foliage makes it a great decorative plant to add to your home, and it’s good for you too!

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    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Often in summer, moderate in winters 

    Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight

    Placement: Warm and shady location

    Temperature: 16-32°C

    Soil: Well draining soil

    Additional information

    Weight 0.636 kg
    Dimensions 11 × 25.4 cm

    4 Inch, 5 Inch