Calathea Ctenanthe Setosa


    Calathea Ctenanthe Setosa has impressive leaves with silver & almost blue colors, dark green stripes and salient crimson on its backsides is an air purifying plant that is also pet friendly, thus making it a complete package that is worth every tantrum it throws your way. Place it in a well-lit area and water it regularly for stunning foliage that will accentuate any space. These plants are called prayer-plants because of the way the leaves open during the day, and, as a response to changes in sunlight, folding up at night like praying hands.

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    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Twice a week in summers, check for dry soil in winters

    Sunlight: Partial shade

    Placement: Warm position with filtered light

    Temperature: 60-80°F

    Soil: Well-draining, moist

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