Calathea Roseopicta Plant (Dottie)


    The Calathea Roseopicta “Dottie” is the perfect plant for unique house plant-lovers. This plant has dark, green-purple leaves with a striking light-purple leaf drawing. In addition to the fact that the Calathea Roseopicta “Dottie” is beautiful to see, this plant also has a couple of special features. For one, the Calathea has strong air-purifying properties. The perfect spot for the Calathea, which is also called “shadow plant”, is partial shade. This makes the Calathea very suitable for dark bedrooms or bathrooms, or simply for a dark corner in the living room.

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    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Soak and dry, keep a check on the soil for dryness

    Sunlight: Medium indirect sunlight

    Placement: North, east or west facing room

    Temperature: 18-24°C

    Soil: Well-draining, moisture retentive soil

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