Calathea Rufibarba Plant


    Part of the prayer plant family, i.e. the Marantaceae family, the Calathea rufibarba is native to Brazil. Unlike other varieties of calathea, the green leaf tops of this plant are smooth, whereas the maroon undersides of the leaf are fluffy and velvety with little hairs on them, hence leading to its common names. Calathea loves water, the soil must always be wet, so water it every two days during the growing season. In winter, space the waterings. This tall and arching plant with dark green leaves and the trademark purple underside can lend height to any space. It takes well to even the less bright corners of your space and with little care it reciprocates with a lively dense foliage.

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    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Soil must be damp at all times

    Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight

    Placement: Near a window or in a balcony

    Temperature: 15-23°C

    Soil: Well draining soil

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