Chlorophytum Hanging (Spider Plant)


    One of the most common house plants Spider plant makes for a perfect hanging plant where leaves can cascade down beautifully. The plant has long green and white leaves with small white flowers. Spider plant prefers bright and indirect sunlight to thrive. These plants have the ability to purify and remove harmful toxins from the air. Spider plants can even be placed in a bathroom as they love humidity. They can adapt to almost any condition as long as they have access to sunlight.

    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Water well, but do not let it sit in water

    Sunlight : Bright indirect sunlight

    Placement: Near a sunny window or a steamy bathroom if sunlight is available 

    Temperature: 55-80°F

    Soil: Loamy

    Additional information

    Weight 1.06 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 45.72 cm

    7 Inch