Leca Balls


    Love plants but do not want to get your hands dirty with soil? We have the next best option for you, LECA BALLS are the growth medium just like soil. LECA stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, these clay balls expand and absorb the water when soaked, so when you water your plants these balls will absorb the water and give it to the plant as and when needed, you can also add them to soil for the same function. It lets the air pass through and prevents root rotting. Available in packs of different quantities.

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    Directions for Use- Leca Balls

    First, fill the bucket with the Leca with water and wash the clay balls thoroughly.

    When they’re clean, move them into the second bucket, leaving the dirty water in the bucket you used to clean the clay balls.

    Now, add leca balls as a medium to whichever plant you want to.

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