Neem Cake Powder


    Just watering your plants is never enough, like every living being plants also need nutrients. Belfiore Bliss offers you a wide variety of plant care and soil nutritions to choose from. Available here, NEEM CAKE POWDER can be used in soil as a modification. Simply add a handful of neem cake powder to the soil for flowering plants and double it to grow fruitful plants in the pot. Available in packs of different quantities.

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    Directions for Use- Neem Cake Powder

    1. Plough the soil deeply that’s to be amended with Neem Cakes. …
    2. Mix the Neem Cake thoroughly at the rate that’s recommended with the soil you are amending.
    3. If Neem Cake is mixed with the soil around the roots of plants, vegetables bushes and trees, it will boost the immune system of the plant.

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    250 GM, 500 GM