NPK 19-19-19


    Just watering your plants is never enough, like every living being plants also need nutrients. Belfiore Bliss offers you a wide variety of plant care and soil nutritions to choose from. Available here, NPK 19-19-19 is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium mixed in the exact ratio of 19:19:19. Nitrogen(N) aids the growth of leaves on the plant. Phosphorus(P) is responsible for root, flower and fruit growth. Potassium(K) is responsible for the overall functioning of the plant. The NPK should be mixed into water and sprayed all over the plant every 15 days for best results. Available in packs of different quantities.

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    Directions for Use- Fertilizer

    Mix 2- 4 gram of NPK 19:19:19 per liter of water, for all crops, Flower, vegetable ,plantation ,indoor, and outdoor plants. For best results, spray every 15 days.

    Irrigate the plants and spray in cool hours.

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