Peperomia Ferreyrae


    This variety of succulent is shrubby with purse-shaped leaves and woody stems. It is also called Prayer Peperomia or Prayer Pepper since it is a member of the Piperaceae family.
    Easy to tend to, easy to keep, the shades of green falling under Cacti and Succulents are a hot favourite round the year. What makes them so loved is how easily they look beautiful with no extra effort or time. Place it on your work desk, or on your windowsills, or in your living room, or your kitchen and you have a long-lasting companion. Pick yours now right here.

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    Cacti and Succulents are the kind of plants that are adapted to extreme hot and dry climates. Most cacti are succulents which store water in their leaves or stem or roots. There are health benefits of keeping a cactus or a succulent inside your house like better air quality, productive environment, they have healing properties. It is very easy to take care of these plants, never over water them except for spring when they are growing.

    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Infrequent watering

    Sunlight: Ample sunlight

    Placement: North or east facing window

    Temperature: 18-23°C

    Soil: Excellent drainage

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