Peperomia Variegated


    Many of Peperomia plants are perennial epiphytes growing on rotten logs and they have thick stems and fleshy leaves, some with leaf windows. The palmate pattern of leaf veins is marked out in some species as furrows in the leaves or as colored lines. Most Peperomias have tiny flowers which are packed into a characteristic greenish or brown conical spike (spadix) like an inverted catkin. Flowers are interesting but not particularly showy. Many variegated cultivars with foliage that is mottled with cream, gray or gold.

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    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: When soil is almost dried out

    Sunlight: full sun with partial shade but not direct

    Placement: East or north facing window

    Temperature: 18-24°C

    Soil: Moist but well-drained

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