Rubber Plant


    Rubber plants earned their name thanks to their sap, which is sometimes used to make rubber. The rubber plant’s leaves also have a shiny and rubbery appearance. Rubber plants are commonly seen in their dark green variety, but also come in more colorful varieties. For example, varieties known as the “black prince” or “burgundy” have reddish-black leaves. The key to rubber plant care is balance. It likes just the right amount of sun and water. If you can give it just the right amount of both, you’ll have a happy, strong and tall rubber tree. Rubber plants will tell you if they need more sunlight or water if they start to drop their lower leaves.

    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: More water during summers

    Sunlight: Bright indirect light, not too hot

    Placement: Near a window with sheer curtain

    Temperature: 60-75°F

    Soil: Well-draining and well aerated, 1:1:1 peat, pine bark, perlite 

    Additional information

    Weight 0.782 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 45.72 cm