Sansevieria Golden Hahnii, Snake Plant


    The snake plant is a gem, It may be small in size but its stunning and tough looks and easy care makes it a must-have plant. The plant has dark and glossy leaves with creamy-yellow margins. Sansevieria can adapt to any light conditions but its colours enhance under bright and filtered light conditions. Water the plant only when the soil is dry and does not let the plant sit in water. Snake plant purifies the air from airborne toxins but can be mildly toxic for pets and children if consumed.

    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Soak and dry

    Sunlight: Moderate to bright indirect light

    Placement: In a warm spot

    Temperature: 55-85°F

    Soil: Well-draining, cactus potting mix

    Additional information

    Weight 0.576 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 19 × 32 cm

    5 Inch