Bonsai Ficus 5″


    The Ficus Bonsai is also called as the Weeping Fig or Ficus Tree. Bonsais are a reflection of someone’s sincere dedication and care for these particular plants hence, it is loved by a lot of plant parents. The trunk of this plant are beautifully curved and comes with dark green small oval leaves. Take care of them regularly and enjoy the lively for years and years to come.

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    Bonsai are the most beautiful miniature trees. They are a perfect option for home décor, office plant, or simply a special gift. A Bonsai can increase the sophistication level of your home or office manifolds. They are great air purifiers too. Taking care of these plants is easy and just by positioning them under plenty but indirect sunlight and moisture you can help them survive for decades. Overwatering Bonsai can kill or put them to rot. This particular plant is  Ficus and has been created with constant care and love.

    Plant Care Instructions

    Watering: Water generously when soil is dry.

    Sunlight: Full sun needed

    Placement: Do not place in a shady location

    Temperature: Above 60° F

    Soil: Sandy clay soil

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    5 Inch